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Feb 8, 2017, 1:43:35 PM2/8/17
to Bike Theft Reduction Team-part of Mayor's Advisory Committee on Bicycling
Hi Peers,

I am Maria. I love to cycle and have few bikes. Been thinking about building a bike myself or for my kid.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Share with me your experience?


Colin Leath

Feb 8, 2017, 8:19:40 PM2/8/17
to Bike Theft Reduction Team-part of Mayor's Advisory Committee on Bicycling,
thanks for poking the list. You might try looking here (but it isn't working for me).

Now, only members can post. Most list members are on Oahu, Hawaii, USA.

Here's a bike tracking project I just came across:

Loss and recovery of valuable items have always had an inconsistent experience. People must rely on trust that the items are returned, and further trust is needed when people claim they are the original owners of the item in question. Mamoru takes the lost and found the concept, and removes the necessity of trust.

By utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, people will be able to register their belongings using Mamoru and not only proof they are the owner of it but log maintenance information, as well as report the item as stolen if necessary.

In fact, Mamoru has a proof of concept that is ready for the market called SafeBike, which involves placing tags within a bike frame. The tags are tamper-resistant, with bike frames having to be destroyed to remove the tag. Users can then scan Mamoru’s device with an app and link the data to the blockchain, ensuring stolen bikes have a better chance of recovery.

Their website:

their white paper pdf:

also, I found a budget version of trakr:

Here's the original: Amazing that they're selling it for that much!! (it is a Santa Barbara start-up).

And lastly and not entirely related, I just posted to reddit about how to make a retractable bicycle tether for $20 or less:

happy cycling and I hope you all have managed to keep your bikes as long as you've wanted to--
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