Edible Garden Tour - Wed. 8/9/23 from 5 to 8 pm

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Subject: Edible Garden Tour - Wed. 8/9/23 from 5 to 8 pm


Here’s a “sneak peek” at the five sites that will be featured on

Wednesday evening’s Edible Garden Tour:


1337 NW 13th St.
Hosts: Uta and Tom Hussong-Christian

We have been working on growing our garden for 12 years. Our garden is a mixture of fruit trees, berries, vegetable beds, and ornamentals. Each year we seem to find something new to try (sweet potato this year) or end up adding new plants (transplanted concord grapes into their forever bed). The last few years we've been experimenting with a 4-year rotation cycle. It's a small garden, but the harvest keeps us busy, keeps the bees busy, and provides tasty output that we put up (canning/drying) for year-round enjoyment.

1363 NW Beca Ave.
Hosts: Matt and Rachel Stalter

When we bought our house from our landlady eight years ago, half the yard was neglected grass and half was weedy river rock over black plastic. After removing the rock, we’ve added hügelkultur blueberries, three huge raised beds, berries, fruit trees, irrigation, a (currently empty) chicken coop, and more.


1470 NW 15th St.
Hosts: Suz Doyle and Niels Nielsen

In only 2 years living here, we have transformed a yard that was completely lawn into an organic garden paradise. More work to be done, for sure (after our recent house remodel), but we love our neighborhood herb sharing garden in the front yard, the natural river rock drainage "grand canyon,", and the raised bed gardens galore & new fruit trees in the back yard.

1555 NW Buchanan Ave.
Hosts: Emily and Steve Herb

My intergenerational family moved to this property in 2008. At that point it was a 1/2 acre double lot. Approximately a year later we purchased the lot next door and extended our gardening onto an additional 1/4 acre. Over the years we have all worked together to improve the property with paths, structures, ornamental plantings, and large swaths of space devoted to growing food. We have two large vegetable gardens, raised beds, fruit trees, berries, grapes, chickens, ducks, and bees. We practice no-till gardening and the broad fork is our favorite tool. We make our own organic fertilizer, and have dedicated space for storing fertilizer components and making chicken manure tea. Through succession gardening and the use of row coverings we grow enough food to feed our family and our friends' family for most of the months of the year. We also keep bees and chickens and have just started an orchard.

745 NW 16th Ave.
Host: Relan Colley

My garden is evolving. What was successful last year is not necessarily successful this year. Much of my yard is devoted to tree fruits and berries. Edible weeds, particularly lambs quarter, purslane and amaranth, are fun and require little care. Annual crops vary from year to year, with a focus on potatoes, green beans and corn. There is no water, beyond the rain, for grass. Critters, of course, share the space.

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