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Michael Swierczek

Oct 8, 2010, 10:55:22 PM10/8/10
to brzy web framework
I just started taking a look at brzy. Following your
instructions for fab -version, I got an error "Matched more than one
file: []" for line 50 of org.brzy.fab.BuildMain$.main(BuildMain.scala:
50). I looked at org.brzy.fab.file.Files. I think maybe that source
line should go from
if(!File("*.b.yml").exists) {
if(Files("*.b.yml").isEmpty) {
And then of course it handles the case where it found more than one
*.b.yml file.
Also in org.brzy.fab.file.Files, line 66, I think in most shells
the * glob can match an empty length too, so instead of having (.+) in
the regular expression, it should be (.*). I just noticed that while
looking through the file.
I'm going to keep looking at brzy. I'm new to Scala but I think
your source code is pretty clean and not too difficult to read.

Mike S.

Michael Fortin

Oct 8, 2010, 11:23:12 PM10/8/10
to brzy-web-...@googlegroups.com
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the input. The fab -version issues was already reported and fixed. If you run the command from a directory that has a brzy-webapp.b.yml file in it, it will run.

If you get passed that point you may have an issue with the repositories, mentioned here.

That File class is pretty crude and definitely could use some more thorough testing, but it's getting the job done in most cases. Thanks for the tip.

Scala can definitely get cryptic fast. I'm not a fan of DSL's for that reason and why I've stayed away from them. Thanks for mentioning that, clean code is something I take pride in.


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