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Nov 4, 2011, 8:57:37 PM11/4/11
to Broodmapper
For cells that look like the bees have chewed the capping off, and
removed a dead larvae, should we mark is as "dead" or "empty". (Frame
#1604 is an example.)

Reed Johnson

Nov 7, 2011, 9:08:29 AM11/7/11
Unless you can see the dead bee you should score the cell as "empty".
Don't worry, the fact that the bee died will come out in the analysis
of the data.

In the case of #1604, I believe new adult bees recently emerged from
those cells. The cappings are so rough looking in that case because
the emergence was very recent and the cells had not yet been cleaned
and polished. I know this because I looked in the database and
calculated that those bees were old enough to emerge and because I
looked at other photos taken from the same hive to determine that it
was highly likely that those bees emerged. Now, if only I could give
you the tools to look at other photos from the same hive so that you
could get a better sense of the "story" of the bees in the photo.

Thanks for the feedback! And thanks for all of the frames you've
scored! You're on your way to catching up with Bob.


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