XML storage in a JEE app.

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Dave Patterson

Jun 29, 2007, 6:01:43 AM6/29/07
to bristol.jug
Hi all,

I'm running performance benchmarks on a fairly large form processing &
doc management system.

The individual use cases are meeting SLA when tested in isolation but
"real world" load scenarios start to slip. Response times rise by up
to 80% with a corresponding drop in throughput. Most of the lag
appears to come from the database and the processes that take the
biggest hits are jobs that create and update XML docs in a LOB table
in Oracle.

Does anyone have any suggestions for tools we could use to reduce the
overhead of XML persistence?

Off the top of my head I thought about compressing the XML before
pushing it over the wire to Oracle.

It also occurred to me that we could split the LOB table into a
separate DB but I don't know if the overhead of dealing with two
schemas and distributed transactions would negate the extra capacity
of a second machine.

I welcome any advice from the trenches.

Dave Patterson.

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