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Dave Patterson

May 30, 2007, 2:15:56 PM5/30/07
to bristol.jug
I figured it would be good to share a few details about who we are,
what we do and what we expect to gain from a user group so I'll go

My name is Dave Patterson. I'm a java & JEE contractor working in
Cardiff but living in Bristol (St George).

I've been using java for about 6 years and programming for 12. I
specialise in web and database applications but I've also dabbled in
some mobile and swing in my own time. Currently working on performance
tuning a fairly large Oracle/Weblogic app which is both fun (when it
goes right) and frustrating (when nothing you do seems to help).

I'm looking to make more contacts in the area, share some of the
things I've learned over the years and pick up some new ideas from
people that are smarter than me.


May 31, 2007, 4:43:08 AM5/31/07
to bristol.jug

Just a quick hello - my name is Mike Jones and I'm a developer at the
University of Bristol. I've been programming Java for about 6 years
and in my current role I develop traditional database-driven websites
and some Semantic Web applications in a teaching and research setting.
I'm fairly new to Semantic Web but I am part of a team with a strong
history in this area. Prior to March last year I was a developer at
Cardiff University writing bespoke web applications and "playing" with


On May 30, 7:15 pm, Dave Patterson

May 31, 2007, 6:04:26 AM5/31/07
to bristol.jug

My name is John Wood. I am a former Bristol University Computer
Science graduate (2000-2004), now working for Hewlett Packard in
Filton, Bristol. I've using Java professionally for just over a year
but I also used it througout my university degree. My experience at HP
has been mostly in the back end development of web service

In my first job I worked with .NET and went to a Bristol based .NET
users group. That worked really well: they had interesting talks plus
you got to make good contacts in the software world. Also, for us less
experienced developers, I think it is a good thing to put on your CV
and talk about with prospective employers. I really want to repeat
this experience with Java.


On 30 May, 19:15, Dave Patterson

Jun 14, 2007, 6:19:49 AM6/14/07
to bristol.jug

My name is Tim Jones.

I've been a Java developer since 1999 and have been contracting since

I started off doing backend systems using EJB's and integrating them
with legacy systems.
More recently I've been working on developing web app's using spring,
hibernate and JSF.

I worked with Dave for a couple of years and also worked with Steve
Ashton on several contracts over the last 3 years.

I am looking to make contacts in the area in the hope that I can pick
up new ideas and also to open up future contract opportunities.



Jul 23, 2007, 12:02:33 PM7/23/07
to bristol.jug
Hi All,

My name is Tom, I've just moved back to Bristol having spent 6 years
contracting in London.

I've been doing Java since 1999, EJB Web Type Stuff.

I'm interested in Networking with other Java Contractors in the South
West to exchange ideas, employment options etc. etc.

Looking forward to posting some stuff on this group!



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