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Dave Patterson

Jun 4, 2007, 3:34:57 PM6/4/07
to bristol.jug
Hi all,

As I write this post we have 17 members on the group. That's a healthy
start considering I only started sending invitations 6 days ago. Even
better news - I didn't send that many invitations so quite a few of
you have found your way via word-of-mouth. So, welcome to the group,
thanks for showing interest and thanks for spreading the word.

Next question - what do we do now?

I've been thinking about this over the weekend and my stream of
consciousness ran to three pages so here is the synopsis:

- Introduce yourselves and get involved on the forum.
- Find more members.
- Tell us what you would like to happen if/when we organise group
- Let us know if you've got something interesting that you think
would be worth presenting in front of the group.
- Let us know if you would be interested in studying with a group for
certification or professional development.
- Let us know what you think about recruitment consultants. (Nothing
libellous please).

That's quite a lot of feedback I'm looking for so I'll start a thread
for each question to keep things vaguely on topic.

Thanks again.

Dave Patterson.

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