plants from near Drake, northern NSW

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Janet White

Jun 21, 2021, 10:31:54 PM6/21/21
Any ideas please?
1. Not in rainforest but not far away. Thicket of plants to about 1.5m tall.
2. vine sprawling over acid volcanic scree.

John Moss

Jun 23, 2021, 12:27:09 PM6/23/21
Hi Janet.

I think your #1 plant is Commersonia dasyphylla (was Rulingia dasyphylla) which I once came across at Tingalpa Creek Reserve near Capalaba on heavy soil, but is known from montane areas like yours.
Its coarsely toothed leaves are concolorous (mid-green) compared to similar sized Keraudrinias and Seringias which have discolorous leaves (mid-green upper and either pale or brown undersides). Commersonia salviifolia (was Rulingia salviifolia) has very different narrower greyish-green leaves and also from higher elevations eg Mt Warning where the lycaenid Yellow Jewel butterfly feeds on it. Down your way (eg Basket Swamp) they feed on Pomaderris. Other more familiar Commersonias (eg bartramia, fraseri) have larger, irregularly toothed leaves.

#2 Your vine most likely is Pandorea jasminoides. This has become quite a nasty scrambler in both bush and garden in the Redlands, where it is not native. P pandorana (Wonga Vine) is our local native bignoniacid and is well behaved!


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