Anyone good with the new "make your own Framework" for iOS?

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Adam Martin

Aug 2, 2015, 7:31:06 AM8/2/15
SVGKit is a fairly large open-source project for rendering SVG images fast, and keeping all the metadata intact (and allowing you to edit the DOM in memory, then re-render).

Uses a lot of libraries, lots of linking, and a huge amount of unit tests (200+ test-images last time I looked). It worked as far back as iOS 4, and the build files still use hacks for Xcode 3 (!).

I'd like to throw away ALL the hacks, and custom build scripts, and replace with one of the new, first-class Frameworks that Xcode now allows you to use. So that install is "drag, drop; done!".

Has anyone done this with a complex project? Would you like to try it on SVGkit ? :)
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