On the alignment between Brick and SOSA

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Anthony Arrascue

Jul 1, 2022, 3:38:07 AMJul 1
to Brick User Forum (Unified Building Metadata Schema)
Hello everyone,

We are considering having a graph that models stream observations with SOSA and to connect it with our building twin which is modelled with Brick. For us the "feature of interest" are rather instances of brick:Equipment. 

We have noticed there are connections between some Brick and SOSA classes:
* brick:Substance rdfs:subClassOf sosa:FeatureOfInterest
* brick:Quantity rdfs:subClassOf sosa:ObservableProperty

We were wondering what was the motivation for such a choice, just out of curiosity.
There seems to be clear motivation for it. In addition the possibility of adding devices as features as well is discussed, but not adopted.

It would be great if someone could provide more details about it. 

Thanks in advance!


Gabe Fierro

Aug 26, 2022, 6:12:41 PMAug 26
to Brick User Forum (Unified Building Metadata Schema)
Hi Anthony:

This sounds like a misunderstanding on my part about the intended use of "FeatureOfInterest"; reading through the SOSA docs I can see how Equipment/Location/etc might be the features of interest. There are other interpretations as well --- the "present value" of a sensor may be the property and the sensor is thus the feature of interest...

I'm not currently using the SOSA alignment for anything so I would definitely welcome some expert feedback on improving it! If you have time, we would love to discuss with you at one of the working groups (https://brickschema.org/blog/working-groups/) or via an issue on the Brick GitHub repository.


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