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Sep 20, 2019, 9:18:59 AM9/20/19
to Brick User Forum (Unified Building Metadata Schema)

I have seen this table on the website however I don't understand what are Control Relationships, Sequential Relationships and Formal Definitions ?
Could you give me some details on what are they with examples ?

Best Regards.


Jason Koh

Sep 20, 2019, 6:50:41 PM9/20/19
to Julien, Brick User Forum (Unified Building Metadata Schema)
Hi Julien,

This paper may provide you a more complete view of such relationships:

Control relationships explain how a control point's value is decided in buildings systems. For example, effective heating temperature (EHT) setpoint is commonly decided by occupancy status (OS) and temperature setpoint (TS) for the VAV of a zone. Brick represents such info by ``OS controls EHT`` and ``TS controls EHT``. Refer Section 3.5 in the above paper for more information.

There are sequential relationships across entities in buildings such as ``feeds``. ``AHU feeds VAV``, ``VAV feeds Zone``, etc. With this, we can infer that AHU feeds the Zone. Sequential relationships inherently require the capability of traversing relationships among many entities. 

Brick's formality provides more provability of instance models, which enables the consistency across building models and improves the portability of apps. We define tags/classes and how each of them should be used (often called semantics). For this, please check a preprint of our paper coming in this year BuildSys (attached).

With regards,
Jason Koh

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AnandaVelMurugan Chandra Mohan

Mar 7, 2022, 8:56:58 AMMar 7
to Brick User Forum (Unified Building Metadata Schema)
Hello Team, 

I am a Bricks newbie. So pardon my ignorance on this topic.  At,  I am not able to find "controls" or " isControlledBy" relationship referred in the paper. Was there a design decision to remove this relationship? Can you please point me to relevant discussion? How to model control commands in bricks without these relationships? 
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