Should lat/long belong to Relationship or EntityProperty?

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Jiaji Zhou

Jun 9, 2022, 3:23:29 AMJun 9
to Brick User Forum (Unified Building Metadata Schema)
The brick schema ontology page lists latitude/longitude in the Relationships category, is that a mistake, should they instead be EntityProperties?

Also it appears that the 'latitude' has a typo, is that intentional or by mistake?


Erik Paulson

Jun 10, 2022, 10:53:58 AMJun 10
to Jiaji Zhou, Brick User Forum (Unified Building Metadata Schema)
The extra 'T' in Latitude was definitely a typo, the correct property is the way it's supposed to be spelled. It's already been corrected in the code.

Lat/Long probably should be entityProperties - in RDF, there's not really any difference between a "relationship" and an "entityproperty" - they're both "predicates" that can be used in triples. Originally everything was just a "relationship" in the Brick ontology, but in newer versions of Brick we added EntityProperty and have been adding some things there - Lat and Long just predate that so that's why they're still in 'Relationship' - we should probably move them to entity property just to make the documentation a bit more clear, but there's functionally no difference.


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