simulating a spiking neural network

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Jul 15, 2020, 3:40:35 AM7/15/20
to Brian

I am trying to reproduce the figures in the attached Paper 'Self-adaptive-spike-time-dependednt-pdf, in particular Figure 4c and 4d. (The raster plots and the distribution of initial and final conductances) using 
my try-example in this case, the attached png. Is there a way I can do this in Brian (code)? My problem is understanding how the input spikes are fed into the poisson neurons. Thanks!


Marcel Stimberg

Aug 4, 2020, 5:22:04 AM8/4/20
to Brian
Hi Henry,

I think your schematic is confusing things a bit: if the neurons 1–100 are Poisson neurons that spike with 14 Hz, then they do not get any input. Their effect on the post-synaptic neuron could be a change in the post-synaptic membrane potential that looks like the shapes on the left, even though it would be a bit unusual. I don't know the paper and I only had a cursory look, but I have to say it does not describe their model very clearly... If you want to model rectangular EPSPs, you need to use multiple synaptic pathways with different delays, have a look at for an example.

Hope that helps, best

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