Re: Element thermal fuse replacement, or not?

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Jul 19, 2022, 3:15:09 AM7/19/22
to freddy ph

Hello freddy,

Monday, July 18, 2022, 11:11:15 PM, you wrote:

I'd like to know if anyone would have anything to add to the thought process behind this before I go one way or another.

They are there to make sure the machine doesn't explode if the SSR dies open. I'd replace them even if you have to do it occasionally. Do they have a red button? Have you tried pushing it?  You probably want something like this:


La Pavoni High Limit Reset Thermostat (



Or search for this:


    high limit reset thermostat 


They are pretty generic, you don't need the "factory replacement, it just has to fit and have a reasonable temperature setting.


-- Ira

freddy ph

Aug 2, 2022, 8:41:58 PM8/2/22
Hi Ira,
thanks for the reply- I deleted the original post as I had since decided to replace them anyways but I'm replying in case this helps anyone.

It wasn't the external resettable ones- it was these ones that actually sit inside a housing tube amongst the element coils....
The thermal cycling with the insulation ('sand' as some people report) falling out of the tube may have led to it experiencing a different temperature and/or humidity leading to a faster failure rate than the external stats.
If they pop in a year I'll go up 5 degrees rating to 157.


I was an electrical fitter at a steam boiler company (big boilers) for 10yrs so the pure embarrassment factor of taking out something that 
I had been told was redundant and ended up necessary would have been too much for me lol.

I can see the redundancy of design, but these 2000W elements are only offered with the thermal fuse, whereas the 1200W ones have an optional variant,
so cheap insurance just to pop $4 of fuses in.  There may be circumstances where the thermal fuse is giving better feedback to prolong the element's life.



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