Juddering pump and now dead-ish pid

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Eric Christoffersen

Jan 13, 2022, 11:45:03 AMJan 13
to Brewtus
Help - Need some theories about root cause.

For a few years now if machine is run until reservoir is empty, when I refill reservoir with machine on it will in one of 5 occupancies start an awful pump juddering. High frequency off/on of the pump. When it happens I open brew switch which forces pump on, once the low water in boiler is filled by pump I can turn off brew and all is well.

The scary thing is that when the juddering happens the pid display flashes off and on, and often the pid display shows version and doesn’t shift to regulating brew temp. In past 4-5 times that it happened I’ve been able to get pid working with pid reset and then waiting 30 minutes for it to start working. (Blue display pid on b2 upgraded).

So, happened again a few days ago and pid seems stuck this time. Strangely pid display was blank for a few minutes before slowly brightening. I’ve ordered a new one but thinking something bad is happening with the pump judder and I should fix that too. I don’t want to kill another pid.

Anyone experienced the judder? Is it a problem with low water switch? Or maybe with solenoid? Some feedback between pump and low water switch? Seems maybe a short since pid display is flashing dark indicating low voltage.

Eric Christoffersen

Jan 24, 2022, 9:49:30 PMJan 24
to Brewtus
Ordered pid. Tracking said it was stuck at WLL "severe deliver delays". Then it was delivered to my door on saturday a few hours after I checked that status showed it was still in Illinois. Perhaps they used the concorde?

Went to install and realized my power switch is all crispy and that the 'new switch' that wll sold me doesn't fit in my B2's power cutout hole.

Search amazon and found:

DaierTek 30A 250V KCD2 KCD4 Rocker Switch DPST 4 Pin Red Lighted 120V Rocker Toggle Switch ON Off Heavy Duty T125-3Pack

On amazon for $6.99, delivered today, installed, fits my b2 perfectly and I have 2 extras for later.

All the old insulation on the spade connectors were crispy critters so applied heat shrink tubing.

Installed everything and perfecto, I've got 'spresso again.

Eyeballing old pid, thinking to reflow the solder but the plastic fell apart in my hands. "It was time." There might be a cracked solder joint or something but it was falling to dust in my hands.
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