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Richard Werbin

Nov 28, 2021, 7:20:29 PM11/28/21
I had a similar problem. 
A wire had slipped out of pid. It should have gone to another pid socket which had a 2nd wire going to brew boiler.

On Sun, Nov 28, 2021, 4:00 PM <> wrote:
Aidan Harris <>: Nov 28 03:51PM -0800

Hi all, just bought a Brewtus III (red PID), and the brew boiler won't heat
up on it. Steam boiler heats up and then cycles on and off as it should. I
bought it a few weeks ago, and at first, the brew boiler would work
intermittently, but only if I flushed water through the grouped a few
times... the whole process took around 1.5 hours, so obviously not
acceptable, but it's important to note that everything worked perfectly if
I got the brew boiler to heat up including the PID adjustability and temp
read-out. Now it won't even heat up. Also, the PID reads out 1.04 on the
display which I'm told is a firmware code? But, I can't get much more info
on that and if it relates to my problem.
Here's what I've tested so far:
- Power in is good, I'm getting 110V at the steam boiler when it's heating
up (as expected).
- Brew boiler reads 0 volts at both terminals.
- Continuity is good on the high temp thermostats (the two pin things on
the tops of the steam and brew boilers)
- Continuity is good on both of the heating elements, so I think they're
good, and obviously the steam boiler is good because it's heating.
- I just replaced the pressure stat because when I bought the machine it
was only working half of the time.
- The PID flashes the code 1.04 in tandem with the SSR after the boiler is
fully heated as expected, but the brew boiler doesn't want to heat up.
After this I'm pretty stumped. I *THINK* my issue stems from either the PID
or the computer... that's just based on my understanding of the wiring
diagram. I'm really hoping it's something less expensive than those, so ANY
suggestions or additional tests to do would be absolutely wonderful.
Thanks in advance, hopefully I can be back to drinking delicious coffee
ASAP with the help of you pros!
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