ECM Synchronika question (E61)

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Ben McCafferty

Feb 18, 2024, 10:22:26 AMFeb 18
Hey all, hope all are good. Still lurking, though my B2 has been retired for quite a while now!

Hoping someone might have insight—the ECM is an E61 machine, largely similar to the Brewtus. It has a green light to indicate power (like the lighted switch on the Brewtus), and a separate orange light when heating. It also indicates heating with a pulsing dot on the control board/display. Like the Brewtus, it has two boilers and can run on a 110V circuit by prioritizing one at a time.

The machine is on a timer, so normally kicks on early and is up to temp when I get up. The past two mornings, the machine has had a green light (i.e. it has power), but no orange light and the machine is cold. If I power-cycle, i.e. turn it off and back on with its own switch, it heats normally. Something is failing, just not sure what.

For reference, the one time I’ve had a boiler element go bad, it would heat partially and then trip the GFI, much like the Brewtus would. So I don’t think it’s that. Maybe the PID controller going bad? Other thoughts?

Thanks as ever,

Pitcher Pitcher

Feb 18, 2024, 11:59:28 AMFeb 18

This is an instructional video fro Whole Latte Love. It will pin point every component, this should help you out.  I have had catastrophic failure of PID. Complete meltdown. When I called Italy they informed me that my machine was designed for EU( 220v@ 10 amps) not (120v@ 20 amps). I upgraded all wiring and have not had a single issue for about 4 years. I have had not luck with the automatic timers due to amp draw. I hope this helps.

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Stephen Pitcher

Herman Dickens

Feb 18, 2024, 12:08:06 PMFeb 18
Ben you could always test the board with a meter when it's working and when it's not and see if there's a difference there. I had a switch that would stick occasionally on my BII that had a red reset button on it that was stopping the boiler from heating. It was a high temp switch I'm sure. Some switches automatically reset so it could be something like that. I only use my BII when I'm at the coast so it doesn't need as much attention these days. Having good luck with the GS3. I've had it over 7 years and had to replace the vacuum breaker and one element and that's it. Hope you're doing well.


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