Successful retrofit of Giemme 01.03.0036 or RL0 1E/1S/4C/F Control board to a modified BI

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Jan 27, 2022, 8:31:42 PMJan 27
to Brewtus
If you search for the brewtus Control Board Retrofit you get a great PDF that shows you the wire config for a RL0 1E/SIC/F + LED or 01.00.0039 Which pretty much matches the old RL 1E/2C+KNC/F with the bonus of two internal relays instead of 1.

I can not find that newer Giemme unit in the UK. My old one I've repaired twice, new transformer and new relay as they do burn out with all the autofilling. My repairs were back when my soldering was, barely ok and a bit hand fisted so I thought time to replace with new.

I took a punt and bought the 01.03.0036 and hooked it up. Bang! oops did something wrong. After much web searching turns out L doesn't mean live it means light, so I had hooked up live and neutral to a closed cirquit, the the reservior low level light which is on one of 3 relays and normally closed. I burnt out the trace!

Fortunately this trace is not needed as I don't use a reservoir, I could fix it but.....

Once I nailed the pinout all is good and it's in and tested. You have to ground out the reservoir sensor or it thinks it's empty and won't heat the steam boiler. I thought I had smoked £85 quid but in the end I'm all good. The contacts on the relay did burn. I pulled it appart  to make sure it's not fused and in the process broke both wires off the coil but managed to re-solder them and the relay is working fine. I may replace it one day.

Thought I'd share for anyone wanting to replace the old control unit. This one has 3 internal relays so effectively an upgrade and should be longer lasting. Happy to write up a pinout if there's any demand.


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