Documentation updates, and setup steps required before launching

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Mike Pohlable

Jul 8, 2022, 1:28:46 AMJul 8
to Brekel
So... I haven't used this yet, despite buying it over a year ago...  But I'm trying now.

I just got an orbbec camera, and the tracking looked nearly flawless with just the one in a quick demo during the initial setup.

The Azure Kinect and the realtek cameras I tried using last year (that didn't work well at all - limbs were jerking all over the place) won't work at all on the new laptop.  *shrug* 

But the documentation... 

Kinect v1, and Orbbec sensors; in the "interference" paragraph.  Pretty sure both of those paragraphs are missing a "not" 

As for the app going haywire and freezing on me...
Yeah.  That nVidia AR SDK thing that's required for a webcam?  There's absolutely no way I've found to download it through Brekel 3b if you're trying to ONLY use a webcam.  
You can't access that tab until cameras are connected - and when connecting the webcam before it's installed throws endless errors and makes the GUI freeze. maybe a 1st time warning to install that when a webcam is selected?  If that's possible?  
Or grey it out (like the Kinect sensors) until the AR SDK is installed, and add it to the "Sensors" menu. 

This also freaked out the app after turning on Deep Tracking with the orbbec - and changing to GPU prior to the driver installation (I clicked the button on the second attempt).  
Adding a warning about that may be beneficial as well ;) 

I'm still fighting with the sensors - ordered additional orbbecs (and have a NUC sitting useless that can work at a network streamer), and may see if I can get the NUC to run the realtek or the Kinect sensor as well (though I don't have a lot of faith it's up to the Kinect's requirements).  

Thanks for making this software though!  It's great! :) 

Mike Pohlable

Jul 8, 2022, 2:09:43 AMJul 8
to Brekel
Page 56, T-Pose on first frame... add an "e" to not
"not that in general it’s a better idea to capture a T-Pose"


Jul 8, 2022, 6:35:57 AMJul 8
to Brekel
Thank you very much for your feedback and proofreading/corrections, will certainly take these into account for the next version.
Much appreciated!

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