Brekel Body v3: Networked sensors no longer working

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Aran Ink

Jun 23, 2022, 12:45:31 AM6/23/22
to Brekel
I've successfully run multiple tests of Brekel Body v3 on one computer and a headless version on the other, but when I tried again today, I can't seem to get the clients to notice the server.

I can confirm that the remote clients can all run the normal BBv3 and detect my sensor (Kinect v2), but the headless console just says "Not connected to any server."

I don't think my network settings changed at all over the last couple days, and I've tried rebooting all the computers involved, as well as my router (a UniFi Dream Machine SE).

Any ideas on how I could go about diagnosing the networking issue?


Jun 27, 2022, 6:46:31 AM6/27/22
to Brekel
From our recent email communication, copied here as it may help others in the future:

It sounds like the broadcast signal that the GUI sent never made it to the client, or the signal the client sent back never made it.

Since you mention you have been using VM's, I don't have a lot of knowledge with VM's but some of them install additional (virtual) network adapter to route all traffic through which could have caused the issue.

By default the Brekel v3 apps try to auto select the most suitable network interface/adapter, it should skip virtual adapters and use some other heuristics but it's always possible this is not optimal on some (complex) setups. You can manually override through the Network menu at the top of the app and also print all the details to the log on interfaces it found.

In the PDF documentation that comes with the app there is also a detailed explanation on what ports and signals are used for communication.


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