Hot spring beauty five steps

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Hot spring beauty five steps

  Why is everyone saying spas with a beautiful skin beauty effect?
Japan "Spa Beauty Institute" Chi Zeya, a researcher at the United
States would say "actually, bathes itself has a cosmetic effect,
because it can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism; she
added" when the mineral hot springs itself through the skin into the
body when the skin, beautiful skin beauty effect will be bathed more
than usual underlines. "

  However, wants to use hot spring is beautiful but there are some
rules to follow, we integrated the following five points, hot spring
is also a beautiful way to:

  1. before the talk, we must remember to do, carefully clear makeup!

  Ikesawa teacher special exhortation, "before hot spring makeup
remover, apart from one talk etiquette, more beautiful skin first!
"Before the talk, don't be afraid of trouble because, clean the skin
absorption of hot springs mineral content!

  2. shower cleaner first, and then into the pool.

  Ikesawa said that "it is not only the General bath cleaning,
preferably spent ten minutes to do; as a result, on health, will not
let the temperature now hot and now cold and can't afford, but also
due to increased blood circulation, and minerals in tangquan more
times to enter in the skin".

  3. every ten minutes, rinse pools, open space at a time, and so
three rounds!

  When the body after starting from the lower half of the slowly
dipping pool, about ten minutes of the pool open space at a time.
Ikesawa the teacher added, "you can use this time to wash your hair,
and make the body a rest! "Likewise, time is also a ten-minute break,
so, back to the third round, your body will feel warm, shiny skin of
course also be compact.

  4. talk after the first lap at the make-up water!

  When talk of the three round steps over, "right now, action is to do
your makeup water slapped her face and body! "Ikesawa the teacher
said," to keep hot springs mineral content loss, while springs also
remain in the body, make-up water to beat way to penetrate the skin,
such a step more moist skin, at the same time keeping the springs of
useful substances ".

  5. apply a facial mask, massage, is the best time!

  If you expect a perfect cosmetic effect, you can apply a hydrating
mask, while the use of massage oils for hand and foot to a Massage!
"Of course, don't forget to supplement the body water, drink to drink
mineral water or green tea is good for your health and beauty."


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