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Dilip Venkatesh

Feb 16, 2024, 1:22:30 PMFeb 16
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Our team name on codalab is BITS Pilani, however we used a zero-shot method, so to be considered in the zero shot table, can we use the BITS Pilani ZS as the team name in the paper?

yifan jiang

Feb 16, 2024, 6:38:07 PMFeb 16
to BrainTeaser

Thank you for the question. We tried to gather the results from the Google sheet but got a small amount of feedback. So, in the current stage, it is difficult to build the zero-shot table. We will release the zero-shot after we gather the methodology information for all participants (maybe after the paper submission deadline but before the camera-ready deadline).

For the question regarding the team name, can you provide me with your personal ID on the leaderboard for the team name? Currently, the leaderboard can only show the person ID of the submission result. So if you want to use the team name rather than the original person ID,  you can give me your person ID, and I will change that for you, which later can be used as the team name in the paper. Otherwise, you can only use the person id on the leaderboard as the team name.\\

Thank you,
Yifan Jiang
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