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Feb 21, 2005, 11:13:10 PM2/21/05
to Brainst...@googlegroups.com
I'll be first...lol

-Canuck 55 yr old lady here...
-Live with my soon to be 4 yr old cat...

-Left my second hubby ( 9 yrs younger ) in Nov 2001
-Am growing by leaps and bounds
-love to hear from intelligent, "normal", people...lol


PS: I will add more as soon as someone else shares ;)


Feb 22, 2005, 6:58:54 AM2/22/05
to Brainst...@googlegroups.com
Hi Steph and Phil,

This Group thing is all new to me too however I 'think?', that when
posting a reply to something which has gone before, you are supposed to
hit the 'Reply' button at the bottom of the comment. Hitting 'Post New
Topic' is for starting a new subject ie, Ourselves; Sport, Religeon
At least that's the way I see it. As for Me, I am 60, and semi retired,
if work turns up otherwise I am retired. I was a research chemist and
tech marketer for a multinational but left to go it alone. Did that for
8 years until the Grim Reaper of companies came calling in the slump of
the late 80's. Originated in UK but now happily live in Belgium with my
2nd wife. Will post more when this thing gets going - Norman


Feb 23, 2005, 8:50:47 AM2/23/05
to Brainst...@googlegroups.com
Thanks Steph and Norman,

You both have made my day. To think that two of my favourite
deliberators have taken the effort to join me in discussion means a lot
to me. Feel free of course to either start new threads (as we learn
how) or to create different groups so that we can categorise our
thoughts. If you prefer free thought, then just plough on with your
thoughts in this group.

I too, will get the hang of this group thing eventually I suppose. I
presume that there are not many restrictions in using this group site

Steph, what a great starting point! None better than to introduce
ourselves, mindful that any mongrel can read our typings however. I
know that you referred to social work and animals. I will have
questions, be prepared!

Norman, your chemistry background is of great interest to me, as the
layman. I'm sure you will excuse my simple questions to what might
require complex answers. I must share a friends idea on "gel" as used
in kneepads. I am helping he and his Dad to infiltrate a market. Talk
on that later.

I have the 'flu guys, but you have me smiling. Thanks for being you.



Feb 23, 2005, 12:02:48 PM2/23/05
to Brainst...@googlegroups.com
Hi Phil

Sorry to hear you are unwell. Have you been sleeping between wet women
I read your recent marathon effort on 'Landlords' last night and I
couldn't agree with you more, document; document; document. That must
have taken a lot out of you if you have the 'flu. I have been out of
chemistry for a while now and it's a big subject but I will help you
any way I can. If some of the ideas are sensitive I can let you have a
private way of getting in touch with me. Funny this has come along now
because a close relative has just landed a job extracting precious
metals from the ores and I did this for a little year some time ago, so
I have been helping him to get into it. Like Google researchers, you
don't have to know it all; you just have to know where to find the
Where do you live? From your answers I don't think it is Sydney so
I'm guessing its either Melbourne or Adelaide.


If you know a bit about animals maybe you can pass an opinion on this
one. We have a little dog. He is not a bad dog just stupid. He is
usually fairly quiet but goes mental when somebody passes the house.
The other day he was very subdued and my wife said that he probably had
a headache which led to a discussion about whether dogs or animals in
general can have headaches. I guess the answer is, if they did how
would we know? Any thoughts on this one?



Feb 23, 2005, 6:40:04 PM2/23/05
to Brainst...@googlegroups.com
Hi Norman ( and Phil )
About your little dog... I've owned both cats and dogs all my life, and I've never heard of dogs getting headaches...well unless they got into some beer the night before..lol.
That would be a great question to ask on GA!!! Pink would know for sure I bet!!!
Norman <nor...@pandora.be> wrote:

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Feb 23, 2005, 6:44:24 PM2/23/05
to Brainst...@googlegroups.com
Hi Phil,
I hope you are feeling better soon!!! Did you manage to get a flu shot last fall? I've been getting them yearly for the past 7 years and ( knock on wood ) I've never had that nasty bug since.

Phil <phi...@gmail.com> wrote:


Feb 23, 2005, 8:17:00 PM2/23/05
to Brainst...@googlegroups.com
Hi Steph, Carmen ??

Now I'm confused. Thanks for your kind wishes. I missed out on the flu
shot last year, then lazily forgot about it. I got the shot the year
before, and had a flu' free year.

Take a look at the other threads too Steph. I'm thinking that we might
use your thread here as the social meeting place. What do you think? We
can come into your lounge here for a chat and so forth over coffee.
Then anyone can post a new thread for a brainstorming exercise. Do you
think this might work?


Re the women .. I WISH. It's been a dry run for sometime you might say.
The "landlord" thing pissed me off, if the story is correct. For anyone
to presume advantage over another in that way is simply not on. Words
on a screen perhaps, but there is someone at the other end of that
keyboard in need of help. Anyway, enough on that. Thanks for your offer
of contact. We will discuss that again later. Let me check into the
terms and conditions of this group thing before we consider posting any
personally identifiable stuff.

Steph .. I nearly forgot. I'm 42, was married once and my daughter
lives with her mother.

Take care you lot. Phil


Feb 24, 2005, 1:51:43 PM2/24/05
to Brainst...@googlegroups.com
Hi All

Sometimes it's better to just take a day off when you feel bad but
more often you're the only one that can get the job done so there is
a lot of incentive to carry on.
I spent part of today reading grown up (surprising how adult means
something else now) comic strips in Dutch and making a translation list
of the words I didn't know. It's my way of learning the language.
Joined a night school a year ago but missed too many classes because
the job I had at the time had a lot of travelling and I could always
get back in time.


Feb 25, 2005, 6:01:28 PM2/25/05
to Brainst...@googlegroups.com
Hi All,

Nobody seemed to want to set the ball rolling so I have started a new
subject on health care. I have no special interest for or against this
subject but we need to start somewhere. Is this the sort of thing you
had in mind? I am concious that when a new subject is started the
opening argument (statement) tends to be a bit long. Maybe it was Phils
flu that brought the subject to mind, if this subject is not
interesting to you then start another thread.



Feb 25, 2005, 8:05:05 PM2/25/05
to Brainst...@googlegroups.com
Hi Norman,

Yep, perfect. A new thread for each topic.



Feb 27, 2005, 2:01:37 PM2/27/05
to Brainst...@googlegroups.com
About me:
I am 27, currently married to my second husband... I try to explain the
first one this way "everyone should have a bad practice marriage- it
makes you more appreciative of a real good one". I have three
beautiful kids, not just because they are mine... but truely beautiful.
I like to dabble in a bit of everything, I enjoy the creative outlets
(drawing, painting, cooking, web design) love reading. Among the
various jobs I have held are: web designer, graphics in there with
that; service advisor at a car dealership; assistant to an eye glass
doctor; marketing; visual artist in the adult dancing industry; among a
few very off beat jobs. I live in Ohio (US) although spent some time in
Orlando Fl. I believe that everyone has some good in them and as a
society we are responsible for finding that good and helping to bring
it out. I try to find humor in life, learn what I don't know and share
what I do. I have a firm belief that what you do in your bedroom should
stay in your bedroom unless you choice to bring it out, (ie keep the
goverment out of it). However I voted for Bush. But that was more
because I took issues with Kerry and his time in the service. I am anti
war, but I believe it is a sin worth going to hell for if you turn your
back on a soldier. BTW I am a bit politically incorrect for some.

So that's me... in a nut shell so so speak. Theres more but really how
much sharing just becomes too much??? :D



Mar 4, 2005, 3:39:36 PM3/4/05
to Brainst...@googlegroups.com
This is my first time in any of Googles groups.

I am trying to get a handle on Brainstormings.

I still like Google/Answers and will continue to comment there.

"Commentator Threads"has been started so that you can comment further
on questions that basically cannot be answered within the framework of
Google/Answers.I gave fifteen examples there.

Yes Phil ,a new thread for each topic anybody would like to have
discussed and brainstormed is a good idea,whether or not that thread
gets beyond its first posting or not.

That is why I am here.

Not just so that we can talk about us ,and not just so that I can talk
about me, but also so that we can bounce ideas around and find hope for
the future.



Mar 4, 2005, 10:15:40 PM3/4/05
to Brainst...@googlegroups.com
That's perfectly what I wanted to hear. Looking forward to more.

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