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Gavin Carr

Nov 1, 2010, 7:46:38 AM11/1/10
to Brackup List
Brad has packaged a new version of brackup, verson 1.10, now available
on a CPAN mirror near you.

This is the first release in about a year and a half, and so has many
improvements and fixes. Notably, it should be less memory hungry than
earlier versions. Upgrading is highly recommended.

From the changelog:

1.10 (2010-10-31)

- permit 0 as a filename.

- add Riak target, allowing backups to a riak cluster (Gavin Carr)

- add uid/gid info to metafile, and use in restores (where possible)
(Gavin Carr)

- allow multiple gpg recipients to be specified, any can restore (Alex

- if IO::Compress::Gzip is available, write a compressed brackup metafile in
unencrypted mode, and handle properly for reads and restores (Gavin Carr)

- remove orphaned chunks from inventory as part of garbage collection
(Gavin Carr)

- add simple config section inheritance ('inherit' directive) (Gavin Carr)

- convert DigestCache from is-a-Dict to has-a-Dict, allow dictionary type
to be specified for both DigestCache and InventoryDatabase, add slower/
lighter iterator-based Dict::SQLite2, and (test) Dict::Null (Gavin Carr)

- make encryption and chunk storage use filehandles (where possible)
instead of scalar contents (Kostas Chatzikokolakis)

- update metafile storage to pass filehandle instead of full contents
(Gavin Carr, Kostas Chatzikokolakis)

- make brackup-restore use brackup.conf target settings, if available
e.g. for passwords (Gavin Carr)

- sort brackup-restore files to avoid loading composite chunks from
target multiple times (Kostas Chatzikokolakis)

- write metafile as we go, instead of big bang at the end (Gavin Carr)

- add Brackup::BackupStats implementation, brackup stats output, and
--save-stats argument (Gavin Carr)

- fix filename trailing whitespace problems with open (Gavin Carr)

- add metafile path name escaping using String::Escape (Gavin Carr)

- add brackup-verify-inventory utility (Gavin Carr)

- add chunkpath and size methods to Amazon S3 target (Gavin Carr)


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