using httplib2 through bpython creates a black void

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Filip Bengtegård

May 19, 2016, 8:15:39 AM5/19/16
to bpython

I'm sorry for the click baity subject name but I don't really know how to summarise what has happened. 

I've got an interesting problem that involves sending GET requests through bpython and in return getting less info on bpython than the regular interpreter, lemme give you a visual example:

The first screen shot shows you the bpython interpreter, where there's a space in between where nothing is shown and I know that httplib2 really wants to show me extra information because I've set httplib2.debuglevel = 1 to include more info. Here's what it looks like in the regular python interpreter:

Here I can access the info I want such as the compression format, any ideas why this is happening? 

This is my first time posting really anything code related so please bear in mind my ignorance and lack of etiquette, if there's any more info you need please write!

I am using bpython 0.15 on top of python 2.7.10 on a virtualenv.

Paul Walker

May 27, 2016, 4:55:47 PM5/27/16

bpython 0.10.1 here, but I can't reproduce this. What terminal are you running it in, and what's the value of TERM...?

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