Toggling autocompletion settings?

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Nicholas Cousar

Nov 22, 2019, 3:30:25 AM11/22/19
to bpython

Is there a way to toggle the settings for autocompletion? Specifically, can I disable autocompletion of previously executed lines of code, but still keep auto completion for things like available methods and the arguments/parameters they can take? For example. In the following screenshot I define a list called squares and then print it.

Screenshot from 2019-11-21 19-39-47.png

But now every time I start a line by typing an s it autocompletes as "squares". It does this even if I delete the method, and between terminal sessions. Maybe their is a way to make bPython "forget" previous user input and variables?

Screenshot from 2019-11-21 19-40-02.png

I find this pretty distracting and unnecessary, especially when "squares" is displayed again below in the box of available methods/functions. I think a better approach would be to turn off autocomplete on the prompt line and instead highlight squares in the box below with a different color to denote that it is a user defined function. Any amount of help or suggestions is appreciated.
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