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Oct 10, 2016, 3:58:01 PM10/10/16
to bpython
Hi all,

bpython 0.16 has been released and is available now at a pip install [--upgrade] near you.

There have also been several new releases of Curtsies (latest version is 0.2.10) which fix bugs reported by bpython users.

Please don't hesitate to come tell us about any bugs you find on IRC at #bpython on the Freenode network or through our bugtracker at

New features:
* #466: Improve handling of completion box height. Autocompletion suggestions will no longer scroll the terminal down as far, obscuring history. This behavior seems better in all situations, but I'd love to hear what you think of it.

* Fix various spelling mistakes.
  Thanks to Josh Soref and Simeon Visser.
* #601: Fix Python 2 issues on Windows.
  Thanks to Aditya Gupta.
* #614: Fix issues when view source.
  Thanks to Daniel Hahler.
* #625: Fix issues when runnings scripts with non-ASCII characters.
* #639: Fix compatbility issues with pdb++.
  Thanks to Daniel Hahler.

Support for Python 2.6 has been dropped. It might still work (it does), but it's not supported.

Thanks to Ikanobori for pushing out the release and Sebastinas for lots of work of all kinds.

Tom (thomasballinger / ballingt)

Andrey G. Grozin

Oct 11, 2016, 5:07:24 AM10/11/16
to bpython
Hi *,

I've installed curtsies-0.2.10 and bpython-0.16 (Gentoo linux,
python-3.5.2). After I start bpython, the keyboard no longer works in this
window: I try to type something, but nothing appears; Enter does not work.
What can be the reason?

bpython-0.15 with curtsies-0.2.9 worked fine.


Thomas Ballinger

Oct 11, 2016, 11:26:13 AM10/11/16
Hi Andrey,

I've created an issue for this at so we can move the discussion there, but here are my initial thoughts.

What kind of terminal are you running bpython in? Also, would you mind installing the old Curtsies version to test whether it's curtsies or bpython causing the problem? Something like

    pip uninstall curtsies
    pip install curtsies==0.2.9

If this fixes it I suspect adding the new key sequence in Curtsies to solve is at fault, and it needs to be more careful about detecting which terminal is being used.


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