how to use my device to record operations not android simulator

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qk li

Feb 5, 2015, 3:28:48 AM2/5/15

     i want to know ,can i use my device to record operations not android simulator 


1. Set the "ANDROID_HOME" enviornment variable to the Android SDK installation directory on your system ex. "/opt/softwares/android-sdk-linux"
2. Set the tools and platform-tools folder path to your enviornment PATH. ex. "/opt/softwares/android-sdk-linux/tools" & "/opt/softwares/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools"
3. Open ** file under the recoder folder and replace the values for the following:
- *TEST_APK_FILENAME* -> test apk file path.
  - *ANDROID_VERSION* -> The version of the android platform that you had downloaded using android sdk. This can be found out by going to the platforms under your **Android SDK** installation directory.
- -> path to your keystore file to be used for signing the andorid application. Once you had installed Androdi SDK and configured a simulator this key store file will be automatically generated in your user home directory under *android* fodler.
- -> password of your keystore
- key.alias -> Alias for you keystore file
- key.alias.password -> Password of your keystore alias.
In case you want to use the default keystore file please dont change the above keystore related values in the properties file.

4. Open command prompt and type the command **ant**, this will automatically take your apk file compile it with recorder code, resign it and install it to your emulator or device whichever is running.

########**Note: ** Currently *Recorder* will only record user events if the server is running in the same machine where the android simulator is running.#######

I read this at bot-bot-v0.82\recorder\

In order to use the real machine with detailed configuration, step by step?


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