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Shyla M V

Mar 26, 2013, 3:16:56 AM3/26/13
     I am able to use the recorder but not able to understand the runner for Robotium, Native Driver different installation.
   Do we need to use these tools for using runner . Please give the detailed information on using Runner and the installation. 


Varun Menon

Mar 26, 2013, 5:01:25 PM3/26/13

These libs are already part of the runner and you can use of them. This can be configured in the properties file, be default its Robotium.
Let us know where exactly you are facing the problem.

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Shyla M V

Mar 28, 2013, 3:43:34 AM3/28/13
Sir i want to integrate the test cases of  bot-bot with Robotium  .I  have gone through the set up procedures in the site  for using runner with robotium but failed to understand the installation procedures. I am using my project source code in eclipse and did the runner set up till here

  1. Open the resources/ file and change the following values:
    • FRAMEWORK -> "robotium"
    • TESTCASE_FOLDER -> test-case folder name under testcase where you have your test-cases in csv format.
    • TEST_APK_FILENAME -> Apk file path of the application that needs to be tested.
    • APP_PACKAGE -> The app package name.
    • DEFAULT_ACTIVITY -> Default lanch activity
    • ANDROID_VERSION -> The version of the android platform that you had downloaded using android sdk. This can be found out by going to the platforms under your Android SDK installation directory.
    • -> path to your keystore file to be used for signing the andorid application. Once you had installed Androdi SDK and configured a simulator this key store file will be automatically generated in your user home directory under android fodler.
    • -> password of your keystore
    • key.alias -> Alias for you keystore file
    • key.alias.password -> Password of your keystore alias.

    In case you want to use the default keystore file please dont change the above keystore related values in the properties file.

    For finding the values of APP_PACKAGE & DEFAULT_ACTIVITY variables install your application on an emulator and start the application. And then watch the adb logs by typing the command adb logcat. And look for the following:

"Starting activity: Intent { act=android.intent.action.MAIN cat=android.intent.category.LAUNCHER? flg=0x10200000"

From the above APP_PACKAGE will be and DEFAULT_ACTIVITY will be DefaultLauncherActivity.

  1. Set the "ANDROID_HOME" enviornment variable to the Android SDK installation directory on your system ex. "/opt/softwares/android-sdk-linux"
  2. Set the tools and platform-tools folder path to your enviornment PATH. ex. "/opt/softwares/android-sdk-linux/tools" & "/opt/softwares/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools"
  3. Place your test-case csv files under a folder inside the testcases folder in root of the runner.
  4. From the command-shell go to the the bot-bot runner folder and type the follwing command.

my problem is what is the next step?

hw to go ahead ? its not mentioned in the document!!

Hoping fr ur response.

Varun Menon

Mar 28, 2013, 9:19:55 AM3/28/13

As you may have already read in the docs there are three parts in bot-bot.
1. Server
2. Recorder
3. Runner

Out of the above server and recorder will help you in recording your tests and getting your tests in csv format.
Runner uses these csv files to run your tests. To run your tests  as mentioned in documentation put your test csv files in a folder and mention the folder path in properties file. Then run the command "ant runner" through command prompt.
This will execute your tests and will generate execution report.

Hope this clears your doubt.


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