4/8 Osprey In Weston Etc..

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Paul Peterson

Apr 9, 2024, 7:48:05 PMApr 9
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I birded in the town of Weston from 11:00-7:15.

cormorant sp. 2
Great Blue Heron 6
Wood Duck 2
American Black Duck 4
Mallard Duck 6
Ring-necked Duck 6
Bufflehead 3
Osprey 1                   flyover at Sears Conservation Land
accipiter sp. 1
Cooper's Hawk 1
Red-shouldered Hawk 2
Red-tailed Hawk 4
Wild Turkey 1
Killdeer 1
Great Horned Owl 1         on nest
Belted Kingfisher 2
Pileated Woodpecker 2
Hairy Woodpecker 5
Eastern Phoebe 7
Fish Crow 5                 flyover in forest
Common Raven 2         one on nest  
Brown Creeper 7
Red-breasted Nuthatch 2
Pine Warbler 5
Fox Sparrow 1       singing sweet song dense thickets north of College Pond; (same bird I had  mistook in a previous post for a Purple Finch based on song)
Swamp Sparrow 1
Rusty Blackbird 40    Jericho Forest singing in pine trees; up trail opposite Gun Club Lane small parking area
Pine Siskin 20         a flock of ten flyby

Eastern Cottontail 1
Red Squirrel 12            area north of College Pond has many
Gray Squirrel 7
"Black" Squirrel 1        my fourth one this year! (one Brookline, one Cambridge, one I forget; one Weston)
Eastern Chipmunk 4


Painted Turtle 10
Spring Peeper 10,000,000
Wood Frog      1,000,000
Garter Snake 1

Paul Peterson

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