Boston hive still queenless... any mated queens out there?

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Joseph Backer

Aug 19, 2023, 11:56:32 AM8/19/23
Our hive in JP was queenless at the end of July, we brought in a replacement, and that seems not to have worked either. At today's inspection we only spotted a few drones, no open brood cells, and we didn't see much evidence of mites. So we are hoping that we can still right the ship!

If anyone has a mated queen available, let me know. Thanks all.

- Joe

Mark Lewis

Aug 21, 2023, 10:51:02 AM8/21/23
to Boston Area Beekeepers Association
Hi Joseph,

I need mo info. But from what you are saying, it sounds like a bit more patience might be all that is required...?

1. if they swarmed at the end of July, you would not likely see eggs by Aug 19. It takes time for the queen to get mated and she has to walk the comb for awhile. The whole process can take a little over a month, depending where you start the clock.
2. while this is going on, they will tend to reject store bought caged queens. Sounds like this happened?
3. you still see swaths of capped worker brood? if so, that gives you a timeline, the queen left less than 21 days prior.
4. re mites: this can be an excellent opportunity to use Oxalic, that is after that worker brood emerges from the capped cells, and after the queen has demonstrated her ability to lay and you see a full frame of eggs and young larvae. But sample first to determine if this is necessary. 


Joe Sollecito

Aug 23, 2023, 8:26:52 AM8/23/23
Hi Mark,
I think you meant to send this to Joe Backer.
Thanks for the info in any case!
Joe Sollecito 

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