Day of the living dead --Strange hive happenings

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Jennifer Yanco

Nov 28, 2023, 10:43:59 AM11/28/23
Greetings all,
I wonder if anyone else has seen this phenomenon:
Bees stagger out of hive onto landing board, gradually stop moving, and then die. But there's the catch (scary music): do they really die?

A few days ago, I brought one of the 'dead' bees into the house to take a closer look. I turned it over and looked at it carefully with a magnifying glass. No mites or anything obvious. I set it in a little dish and left the roo. I came back a bit later and noticed it was moving. I put a tea strainer over it and left again. After a bit I heard buzzing and found it back to life. So I took it out near the hive and it flew away.

I have repeated this exercise on three different days and the result is always the same. I am sure that the bees on the landing board will die--I see them having been pushed off onto the slab below the hive.

Has anyone else seen this? Any idea what it could be/mean🐝🐝🐝?



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