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janice ross

Aug 5, 2023, 1:37:49 PM8/5/23
I am trying to find a beekeeper or someone who can do the bee therapy  for lyme.
I know there is someone in vermont who goes to your house and gives the bee venom but I live in Boston and would be willing to go to New Hampshire but vermont is too far.
Do you have any connections to this therapy here in Mass?????????
My cell is 617-504-0051.
thank you

On Fri, Aug 4, 2023 at 7:36 AM <> wrote:
Sadie <>: Aug 03 05:41PM -0400

To clarify, this Q was taken for re-homing today :-)
Louise Keogh Weed <>: Aug 03 10:39AM -0400

Hi all - a friend of mine in Woburn has bees living in her yard and she
says they’re moving into the basement. She’d like to have them safely
assessed and removed. I haven’t seen them so I don’t have any details.
Would anyone be willing to help her out? If so, please respond to me
directly so I can connect you!
Tal Reichert <>: Aug 03 10:47AM -0400

I'd like to comment that the majority of times people told me they have a
feral bee colony at or near their home, it ended up being wasps.
On Thu, Aug 3, 2023, 10:39 Louise Keogh Weed <>
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Mark Lewis

Aug 6, 2023, 12:07:12 PM8/6/23
Janice, did you find someone to help? I knew a beekeeper in NM who had apitherapy clients. They would arrange to stop by while he was working and he'd grab a bee by the wings and hold it against their shoulder to sting. Very fast and low tech! Is this what you have in mind? If so, how often? Where are you located in Boston? I think we can probably match you with a BABA beekeeper. You'll need to compose and sign a waiver (see attached example).  

Note, bee venom can also be collected without killing a bee, search youtube to see this process. I don't know anything about going this route-- cost, dosage, etc


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