Disabled BreakPoints when Remote Debuggin (help plz)

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Jun 14, 2007, 1:54:52 AM6/14/07
to mis...@yahoo.com
Hi all,
I am facing the same problem . I am trying to remote debug a weblogic
7 application on AIX server via JBuilder2005 on windows2000.
Problem is that after establishing the remote debuggin connection
JBuilder connects with the remote server . Then I start debugging the
client application ..when i try to debug using the client session.. it
accepts breakpoint for client side code but for server side code the
breakpoint remains disable with "cross" sign. I dont know how it
knows which is the server side code and which one is the client side
code as both are on the same project. The breakpoints for server side
code remain disabled and JBuilder donot stop on the server side code.
When i disconnect the remote debuggin connection only then the sever
side code accepts breakpoint in the client application debuggin

Please help me in this regard .Thanks ne way.

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