DAC for MySQL 3.3.1 is out!

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Aleksander Andreev

Feb 25, 2021, 3:22:28 AMFeb 25
Microolap Direct Access Components for MySQL and Delphi/C++Builder, also known as MySQLDAC is a Borland Delphi/C++Builder component set for direct connect to MySQL database server.
This release includes improvements and bug fixes.

Full changelog:

[-] "The SplitStr function doesn't work properly sometimes" bug fixed
[-] "Incorrect getting string non-unicode values cause an AV" bug fixed
[-] "Incorrect buffer accessing" bug fixed
[-] "Non-Unicode BLOB fields are being written incorrectly" bug fixed
[-] "AV during LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE statement execution" bug fixed
[-] "M_BOOL_AS_INT compiler directive doesn't work with prepared datasets" bug fixed
[-] "Corruption during BLOB field saving in MySQL without utf8 support" bug fixed
[-] "Range checking error may occur with the DISTINCT statement" bug fixed
[-] "Prepared statement doesn't work correctly with BLOB field" bug fixed
[-] "Special Unicode characters like "üäö" in a column name lead to an error" bug fixed

You're welcome to download the DAC for MySQL v3.3.1 right now at: http://microolap.com/products/connectivity/mysqldac/download/ ,
or login to your personal area on our site at http://microolap.com/my/downloads/

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs at sup...@microolap.com.
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