No raising of exception "Divied by zero"

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Dec 19, 2008, 3:13:13 AM12/19/08
Hello people,

Just by coincidence if found a bug in our software. A calculation got
divided by a zero value.
Now I was wondering why I didn't get a message then.
I made small test project and yes the result was the same. The only
thing I get returned is a message. which is saying : "INF".

Can anybody tell me how it's possible I don't get any "Division by
zero" exceptions returned by Windows and/or Delphi?
I haven't changed anything in our developed software as also the Ide
of Delphi. Can this be the cause due of hardware differences/
changings? Or is this a bug in Delphi itselfs(which I doubt)?

Any help will be aprreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Nov 30, 2016, 1:48:37 PM11/30/16
I know of two ways, that no exception is called...

Either, they simple answer, it's inside a try block and gets caught by it,

Or "SetExceptionMask([exZeroDivide]);" is in the code somewhere.
This will cause disables the automatic Zero division exception raising and just gives you the "correct" result being infinity.
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