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Grzegorz Skoczylas

Jan 3, 2011, 12:09:13 PM1/3/11
Hi All,

I wrote a simple program that implements custom Internet protocol
( This program have to send some information to
my plug-in to another application. I'm trying to use Named Pipes for
this. This plug-in to another application implements pipe server.

If I run my protocol's program alone, everything is working correctly.
Information is sent to my plug-in.

My protocol is dedicated to use in emails (formatted as HTML) and in
HTML documents. The HTML link is defined in the standard manner -
something like that:

<a href="myprotocol:some_data">Link</a>

If I click on this link in mail program or Internet browser, as
expected, my protocol's program is launched. Unfortunately, in this
case after calling "CallNamedPipe" the GetLastError returns 5
(ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED) and none information is send to my plug-in.

Since the problem does not occur when the program that handles the
protocol is invoked manually, I think this is a permissions problem. I
was looking for some guidance on MSDN, but either missed something or
looking in the wrong places. In any case - so far - I can not deal
with it.

I will be grateful for any hints.

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