Remote Debugging and Delphi 2007

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Graham Harris

Mar 28, 2007, 5:30:19 AM3/28/07

What do I need to do to use remote debugging? As there is nothing mentioned
in the online help.


Graham Harris

Warren Postma

May 28, 2007, 2:18:58 PM5/28/07

Target Machine Steps:

1. One time only: You need to insert your Delphi 2007 product DVD on the
target machine, or copy the "Remote Debugger Installer" files onto your
network, and run them from there. Once you have the target machine
configured (remote debugger installeed), go to C:\Program Files\Remote
Debugger and double click on rmtdbt105.exe

2. Share Target's C Drive, then Map as Network drive on your developer
box. Share the C drive on your target machine, and make it writeable,
for a particular account+password combination, such as DEBUGUSER, with
password $SECRET!!!$ (just kidding about that password).

3. Configure any runtime environment (configuration files, etc), For
example, make folder C:\Program Files\DebugApp, and copy all
configuration files over there.

Now on your local Delphi developer machine:

4. in Project Options: In paths, if the target's C drive is mapped as
drive W for your dev machine, change the options of your project to
output to W:\Program Files\DebugApp folder, so that after compilation,
the EXE ends up on the target. Make sure the Remote Debugger option is
checked in the Linker options in the Project Options. Rebuild the app
so that W:\FOO\BAR.EXE is there on your remote machine.

5. in Run menu, select select Load Process. Now click Remote (the
second item in the Load Process listview on the left side of the load
process dialog). Now fill out the two boxes called remote path, remote
host, and optionally, working directory. All these are paths as seen on
the remote machine. So for the remote machine's main hard drive, use C:
as the path. The first item (remote path) is the name of the EXE file
on the server. If you mapped your remote drive as W above, and the path
was W:\FOO\BAR.EXE, you would type C:\FOO\BAR.EXE in this box
instead. The second item (remote host) is an ip address or dns
name, such as 192.168.0.xx.

6. Click Load button (leftmost button on bottom row of buttons in Load
Process dialog).

You are now debugging remotely. Assuming everything worked, and there's
no firewalls, network problems, etc etc.

I also like to use VNC Client and VNC Server to remote-desktop into my
target debug machine, from the host machine I'm debugging on, when
remotely debugging a GUI program.


Thomas Mueller

May 28, 2007, 2:59:34 PM5/28/07
Hi Warren,

Warren Postma wrote:

> Target Machine Steps:

I have taken the liberty to copy this description to the Delphi Wiki, I hope
that's OK?


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