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Jens Borrisholt

Aug 12, 2008, 4:49:13 AM8/12/08

After sevar hours of searching Google, and even more hours of programming I
reached the conclution that my knowledge about Windows message iisn't

The problem in short :
I have a PC with at USB keyboard and a Magnetic Stripe Reader ( MSR) wich
cummunicate with windows via a HID driver, meaning it puts its input on the
keyboard buffer. I wich to block the input from my MSR.

I have tried GetRawInputData, here I get alll the data I need, I can
distingue my MSR from my regular keyboard, but I can not stop the message.
Then I've tried al local message hook (WH_GETMESSAGE) hook, filtering on
WM_INPUT, again here I get my information, but I'm unable to stop the
message even thougt I return a non zero value from my Hook-propcedure ...

Then I tried a global hook, but here I do not get my VM_INPUT.

If I use a Keyboard hook or even a Low-level Keyboardhook I do nog get the
information about where the key-press war originated from (Keyboard or MSR).

So now dear fellow devellopers I definitely need you help.

I need to distingue the keypress from my MSR and my regular keyboard. AND
MOST impornat I need to stopp the message after I catched it

Jens Borrisholt

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