htmlhelp API not displaying japanese characters

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Dec 11, 2008, 5:17:53 AM12/11/08

I am using the htmlhelp() APi to launch the help file of my
application. When I launch it in windows(english), the strings
'Contents', 'Index', Search' etc. are displaying in English only as it
should. But if I launch my aplication in a windows(japanese) machine,
the strings are still shown in English whereas it should be shown in
Japanese in a Japanese machine.

I have the hhctrl.ocx 1.41 version in my application
directory and then I checked the system32\mui\0411 folder and it has
the hhctrlui.dll file. Still why is this happening?? If I double
click the .chm file, the strings are shown in Japanese, but only when
I am launching it ffrom my applciation using Htmlhelp(), the strings
are English.

I am not talking about the help contents.Here I am talking
about the strings like 'Contents', 'Search', 'Index' which are shown
as tab headers when we open a .chm file. Can anybody please help
me ??


Dec 15, 2008, 2:01:13 AM12/15/08
I got it to work by doing the following.

I removed the hhctrl.ocx from my appplication directory. Now the
LoadLibrary() call in my call loads it from system32\ folder and it
works fine now. The system32/ folder has the hhctrl.ocx 1.41 version.

Now I have another question. Is the hhctrl.ocx file shipped along
with all windows OSes by default?? pls tell me if u know..

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