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Emmanuel Schanzer

Dec 15, 2012, 7:41:51 AM12/15/12
to bootstrap...@googlegroups.com
Just in time for the holidays, our chief developer Danny Yoo has release a number of improvements to WeScheme:

* Fullscreen support for world programs, on browsers that support the Fullscreen API. The dialog features a fullscreen icon on the right side.  Escaping out of Fullscreen will break out of the program.  Thanks to the folks involved with the Google Hackathon for their contribution of this feature!

* Improved iPad support. When typing on an iPad into the interactions or definitions pane, an auxiliary panel of useful keys (parens, symbols) will display above the regular keyboard.

* Program notes. Programs can include notes.  During editing, the Note button to the right of the program title provides a field for adding documentation or notes.  Programs that are shared will include these notes on their view page.

Emmanuel Schanzer

Jan 23, 2013, 8:58:36 AM1/23/13
to bootstrap...@googlegroups.com
Another month, another set of WeScheme improvements!

* Pretty-Printing REPL output, to allow for indenting and smart line-breaking of long expressions. Thanks to Team Reno's Roughnecks for their exploration of this feature at the Google Hackathon!

Sharing Bookmarks in all Sharing Dialogs. Previously, the only way to access the convenient bookmarks was to go to the program list, and hover your mouse over the sharing button. Now these bookmarks appear in all Sharing Dialogs -- just press the share button (in the editor or the program list), and you'll see the icons appear in the resulting dialog box.

Smoother Saving of new or shared WeScheme programs. Clicking the "Share" button in a new or read-only program requires refreshing (unloading and then loading) the page, and previously this was always met with a warning dialog that some users found confusing. Now, we suppress this warning when the page is unloaded due to a save() event.

DR Widget Fix when dealing with extremely long expressions. Previously, it was possible to make a form input break out of the Design Recipe Widget by typing an extremely long expression. We've now added line-wrapping to each of this inputs, so that long expressions will grow vertically, and extend the height of the widget.

Emmanuel Schanzer

Feb 4, 2013, 12:10:00 PM2/4/13
to bootstrap...@googlegroups.com
We've recently upgraded to the latest version of the CodeMirror library, which is what gives us things like paren matching, syntax highlighting, etc. This is a fairly-major change to the library, but should be completely invisible to end users. The newest version of the library lays the groundwork for many exciting features, but for now this is strictly a plumbing upgrade.

We'd done quite a bit of testing to make sure nothing breaks, but please as always, please be sure to report any bugs or glitches you find (especially in Internet Explorer).
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