Version 0.41 Released

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Peter A

Sep 2, 2022, 10:22:35 PMSep 2
to boofcv
Date    : 2022/Sep/02
Version : 0.41

- Applications
  - Added Aztec Code generator
  - Removed unused flag to disable printing info in PDF documents
  - QR and other markers no longer require spacing between markers when there is only a single marker
  - Fixed units in manually specified document size
  - Create Calibration: Fixed units in manually specified paper size
  - Create Calibration: Fixed disable info flag
- Android
  - Properly handles multi camera systems by finding physical cameras inside a logical camera
- Demonstrations
  - Better Micro QR Code visualizations
- Contour Tracing
  - Can specify max and minimum contours using fractional size, i.e. ConfigLength instead of int
  - Added ability to specify maximum contour in places it was missing
  - ConfigPolygonFromContour doesn't produce identical results, but very similar
- ConvertBufferedImage
  - RGBA with pre-multiplied alpha will have channels swapped correctly
  - BufferedImage sub images work again, Thanks ConvertBufferedImage
- Added Aztec Code encoder and decoder
- QR Code
  - Fixed issue where it was rejecting version 1 QR codes at a highly skewed angle
  - Fixed issue where it failed to detect all QR when there was a cluster of several high version
  - If error correction passes it will stop processing the QR. Easier to diagnose issues.
- Micro QR Code
  - Doesn't keep on trying to decode a marker if it fails after the ECC check
- Various
  - Fixed crash in Niblack Family when output image was not resized to match input image
  - Image.setTo() now returns 'this' to enable chaining.
  - Can now colorize points based on camera reference frame, not just global
  - PlyCodec - writes correct header for little endian
- Stereo Disparity: Fixed bug where invalid values got cast to a byte when image was float, causing artifacts.
- RansacCalibrated now support concurrency
- Stereo
  - There's now the option to save the fit score for each pixel
- Photogrammetry
 - Three-View Reconstruction: Does self calibration entirely inside of RANSAC
 - Added ResolveThreeViewScaleAmbiguity
 - N-View reconstruction code now directly uses the 3-view class and skips a projective scene step
 - MultiBaselineDisparity now fuses into an inverse depth image
- 3D Mesh
  - Added related example code
  - Added support for saving mesh + color points to PLY
  - Added algorithms for converting stereo disparity into a 3D mesh
- Calibration
  - Mono and Stereo apps now generate calibration quality metrics for coverage and geometry
  - Mono and Stereo GUIs have option to show border and inner coverage
  - Added Division camera model
  - Added multi camera calibration
- ImageMiscOps
  - Added maskFill()
  - Added a generic filter()

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