How much RAM do I need ?

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Sarah Smet

Aug 4, 2015, 11:01:15 AM8/4/15
to BoneJ Users and Developers

I'm willing to use Bone J in order to analyse x-ray reconstructed images.
I usually deal with 4MB/image and 2000 images = 8GB.

Depending on the algorithme used, the needed RAM should be x fold the data size. Which maximum value would be "x" ?

I've tried to analyse the skeleton of only 100 stacks = 400 MB and it failed. I have a 64bit, i7-4600U CPU, 16GB RAM.
I ask imageJ to only use 8GB. I could increase that number but if it failed with only 100 stacks, it will never work with 2000 even with 16 GB...

I've been looking around internet and I couldn't find the information.

Thank you,


Michael Doube

Aug 4, 2015, 11:14:47 AM8/4/15
to BoneJ Users and Developers
Dear Sarah,

Could you please tell us:

- Your operating system
- Java version (Help > About ImageJ)
- ImageJ version (and if you are using Fiji) (Help > About ImageJ)
- BoneJ version (Help > About Plugins > BoneJ)
- Maximum memory for ImageJ (Edit > Options > Memory & Threads)
- The error message you receive

The 400MB job you are doing should easily fit in the RAM you have, but you have to make sure ImageJ has access to it. Do you get an out of memory error, or something else?

Bear in mind that for many operations intermediate images, sometimes of high bit-depth, may be stored in memory, which might mean that you unexpectedly run out of RAM. This is likely to happen if you try to analyse the skeleton of your 2000-slice 8GB stack with 16GB RAM.

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