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Rajiv Rai

Jun 28, 2007, 5:27:43 AM6/28/07

Dear BiQuCians,

This is the first mail from the office bearers of BQC. This is on the topic of BQC membership fee and associated privileges.

Membership of BQC

- Membership is open to everybody, above the age of 15.

- The membership cycle follows the Financial Year (April to March) cycle split into two half years (April to September and October to March).

- The Open membership (applicable to all earning members) is Rs 1000 for the full year and Rs 600 for a half year. The Sponsored membership (for all non-earning members) is Rs 400 for a full year and Rs 250 for a half year. We will not be checking IT returns etc to determine earning and non-earning members - it will be based on self-declaration. Non-earning members coming to the quiz in chrome-plated BMWs, may invite raised eyebrows, but nothing more.

- We will have a system of Look-see which allows prospective members to attend up to 2 meetings (in any defined half year period) without needing to become members and pay. Upon attending the third such meeting, payment becomes mandatory. This will not only allow the curious to get converted before they have to open their wallets, it will also allow visiting outstation quizzers to attend quizzes without inviting existential questions on their status and whether they need to pay or not.

- We would like to keep the monetary transactions of BQC clean and hassle-free and not like to deal in cash. All payments would therefore, be through cheques, DDs and Funds Transfers. We will be publishing the accounting reports of our club on our website every six months.

- Payments for the current year/ half-year are due. We have the list of people who have attended 2 quizzes or more. All these people will have to pay when they show up for the July 1st meeting. Since we are imposing membership in a retrospective manner, it is also fair that we give people who do not agree with the mercenary tendencies of BQC to opt out. So, if you have already attended two meetings or more of BQC and do not wish to become a member, you can opt out by not showing up for future meetings.

Pls Note: We have not yet registered ourselves and opened the bank account. Therefore, the payments for the current year/ half-year would need to be made in cash.

Membership Benefits

1) Members can attend the fortnightly meetings of BQC. There will be a minimum of 25 such meetings in a year. In addition, we will have a few special events where they can participate by paying an additional fee.

Till notice to the contrary, all fortnightly events will be held at the PINSTORM conference room (see directions) at 3 pm on alternate Sundays (1st July, 15th July....).

2) Members will also receive a text copy of the questions asked in the meetings. Please note that the questions will be distributed only to the active members of BQC (those who have paid their current membership). Look-see members will not receive a copy of the questions.

3) Members will be eligible to take part in the year-long quiz derby based on the results of the fortnightly quiz - and also receive seedings for their performance. The cream of the crop will also have boasting rights to be called the BiQuCian of the Year and will be eligible for prime seat at our cramped quizzing venue.

So, welcome to the quiz on 1st July. Please do not forget to visit your ATM and load up - because Sumant (our resident Shylock) will be waiting at the door for his pound of flesh with a double-entry accounting journal in his hand and a gleam in his eye.

President, Secretary and Treasurer

Bombay Quiz Club

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