BQC Session - Boomer-ang: A Quiz on the Classics by Rajeev Chakravarthi & Abhinav Dasgupta (Rajyog, 1.30 pm, 11 June)

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Abhinav Dasgupta

Jun 10, 2023, 1:46:02 AM6/10/23
to Bombay Quiz Club
The last time Rajeev Chakravarthi and I hosted a quiz together back in 2014, we were catapulted to fame by Dilip D'Souza:

Much has changed since then. Rajeev has a son going to college soon, I have been married to the girlfriend mentioned in the article for 8 years, Carlo Gebler has faded into oblivion and Ardeshir Jussavala is sadly no more. But what hasn't is the fact that Rajeev and I still love discussing the classics with each other.

Teaming up for the Entertainment Quiz at MQF earlier this year gave us an opportunity to go back to our area of interest. We of course never made the finals given the recency bias of the quiz (not unusual, given that is exactly what the Media and Entertainment sections at WQC were as well!), but thought we might as well indulge ourselves a little more.

And so here we are, bringing back the classics to you. An Entertainment Quiz (well, mostly Films but a little bit of Music and Theatre too), covering everything before the last 40 years (or what might appeal to a pre-CHOGM generation). We call the quiz Boomer-ang: A Generation Returns; and promise heaps of knowledge, and much more fun. 

1.30 pm, Sunday 11 June. Rajyog Bar & Family Restaurant

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