Marcela Valdes introduction to Roberto Bolaño: The Last Interview

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Jan 6, 2010, 7:50:53 PM1/6/10
to bolano-l,
As you already know, 2666 includes material about the horrific murders
of many women in Northern Mexico. In the section called: The Part
About the Murders, Bolaño includes detailed forensic accounts of over
100 of these cases. In Marcela Valdes introduction to Roberto Bolaño:
The Last Interview; she asks: "How did Bolaño become so intimate with
the details of these crimes, and the procedures of the local police,
when he lived an ocean away?" Then she answers the question by
describing his relationship with the Mexico City journalist, Sergio
Gonzalez Rodriguez, who later wrote a non-fiction book about his
experiences covering the murders. I had already read 2666 when i read
the introduction and was fascinated to learn about Bolaño's
correspondence & meeting with Rodriguez. Reading it before reading
2666 is not a "spoiler" in the usual sense, so I thought I would
mention it here. I look forward to reading 2666 again with this
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