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May 21, 2013, 10:43:32 PM5/21/13
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Date: 16 Jun 2013
Time: 10 am TO 12 pm
Venue:SpringPeople Corporate Learning Center
671, 9

Bangalore – 560 102
Seats: 70
Sponsored By: SpringPeople Software Pvt. Ltd.

About the event: We will explore some interesting Spring features not known to everyone. And as a bonus, take a peek in the emerging in-memory distributed data management platform - Gemfire.
Spring internals - explore implementation of some of the features from ground up.
In this live coding session we will look at how to implement some of the features provided by spring from 
first principles.

• We will take a look at how to refactor traditional JDBC code to arrive at an implementation similar 

to the JDBC template.  

• We will take a look at how refactor tangled code with all the cross cutting concerns (transaction, 

logging etc) mixed up with business logic using the decorator pattern first and then to 

generalize it for many classes using dynamic proxies.

Speaker: Kamal

Kamal is a Java/JEE evangelist, an Enterprise Integration Specialist and an industry veteran with over 

15 years of design and development experience. He has been developing and architecting enterprise 

solutions and is a seasoned SpringSource certified trainer with significant experience of 100+ trainings 

delivered on Spring and Spring-related technologies.


-          Enterprise Integration with Spring Integration

-          Building RESTful applications using Spring MVC

-          Building modular applications

Contribution to Development Community:  http://stackoverflow.com/users/672586/gkamal

Spring Security 3.1 – How To

Spring Security is a framework that focuses on providing both authentication and authorization to Java 

applications. Like all Spring projects, the real power of Spring Security is found in how easily it can be 

extended to meet custom requirements. In this presentation we will incrementally apply Spring Security 

to an existing application to demonstrate how it can meet our authentication and authorization needs. It 

will also answer many of the common "How To" questions that are found on the forums. This will ensure 

that you can not only secure your application quickly, but ensure you understand Spring Security well 

enough to extend it to meet your custom requirements.

Speaker: Clarence

Clarence is a technology enthusiast at heart and educationist by passion who works at SpringSource, a 

division of VMware.

Clarence has trained thousands of students on many topics from the Java ecosystem. He has taught the 

official Spring courses in many cities in India. Apart from the Spring framework, he also has in-depth 

experience with topics such as Spring Security and Spring Roo.

He has presented at some prestigious conferences including JavaOne and Oracle Develop. He is always 

remembered among his students for his seminal session titled “The Joy of Java”.

Data Aware Distributed Querying in vFabric GemFire

GemFire is in-memory distributed data management platform that pools memory (and CPU, network 

and optionally local disk) across multiple processes to manage application objects and behavior. 

Using dynamic replication and data partitioning techniques, GemFire offers continuous availability, 

high performance and linear scalability for data intensive applications without compromising on data 

consistency, even under failure conditions. In addition to being a distributed data container, it is an active 

data management system that uses an optimized low latency distribution layer for reliable asynchronous 

event notifications and guaranteed message delivery.

Speaker: Bijoy

Bijoy is a Technical Content Developer at SpringSource, a division of Pivotal. He has around 8 years of 

experience working with SOA, middleware, security and J2EE technologies. He is the lead courseware 

developer for VFabric suite of products and Spring technologies, and have worked extensively on 

vFabric GemFire. Before joining VMware, he worked with Oracle Server Technologies, mostly on the 

implementation of the Oracle’s middleware platform comprising WebLogic, Oracle SOA Suite 11g, Oracle 

Web Service Manager, and Oracle Service Bus.

please register your selves at bo...@wikispaces.com

I blog at http://ranganaths.wordpress.com


Jun 16, 2013, 11:03:33 AM6/16/13
to bo...@googlegroups.com

You can find the code developed during the "Spring from first principles" session at the following github repo.

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