8 million more access points - just a drop in the bucket

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Nov 4, 2014, 8:14:19 AM11/4/14
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Any one who has driven through a residential area with their WIFI device turned on scan, has observed that there a lot of routers visible from any spot in a typical suburban neighborhood.  Comcast has apparently observed the obvious and decided to make use of this:

and so forth.
So we can expect 8 million new access points to appear from this activity.
I have seen un-numbered Xfinity access points in Manassas, so something is going on locally as well.
Checking on the internet, I found that Comcast has been busy in our area too. Here are the local 2 and 5 GHz Xfinity hot spots.
Verizon has recently given me a "free upgrade" to 50 Mbps upload capability (and it works).
Until I read the above, I could not understand why someone would give me something for free.
The implication to me is that they are doing, or about to do, the same thing?
They already have software you can install (if you are subscriber) that will automatically log you onto whatever Verizon hotspot your computer finds.
Verizon is way behind in this area compared with Comcast. I expect it is because Verizon is a phone company and they want you to use your 3G/4G data $$$
= = =
Speaking of Houston, a couple of years ago, while Austin was putting together a handful of re-purposed Linksys routers to form HamNet, the city of Houston went to the department of homeland security and got a grant to install 200 mesh routers and 300 HD web cams - thank you very much Uncle Sam. 
This use fancy wireless router units like these:
These form a mesh on the wireless side but are hardwired together on the other side - sort of a hybrid.
I believe they use the 4.9 GHz public safety channels that civilians cannot access.
I predict that in 2020 there will an article in in QST showing how you can power a QRP ham rig with free energy "harvested" from 2 and 5 GHz bands.
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