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Nov 25, 2014, 9:25:11 PM11/25/14
to boar...@googlegroups.com, Keith, Richard Hayman

OK got my new FiOS router today:


“…specifications for the new Quantum device include a dual-core processor, gigabit Ethernet with a four-port Ethernet switch, MoCA 2.0, dual-band WiFi over 2.4GHz and 5GHz, beamforming technology, 802.11ac WiFi and Z-Wave support..”.


The good news is that it does *not* have an external antenna (!)  Now if everyone would just put theirs in a below ground basement things would be fine.


On 5 GHz the available channels in this router are:

36           5180 MHz

40           5200

44           5220

48           5240


149         5745

153         5765

157         5785

161         5805

165         5825


So it would be a good idea to avoid this entire range of frequencies in populated areas for “hamnet” backbone links. 


That does not leave much really.  5280-5300-5320. Then there is gap to 5500 MHz –

no channels there - unless a proposed rulemaking (FCC 13-22) goes through.


5500-5700 are all DFS frequencies – anything entering the 5470-6725 range “must be installed professionally”

Not sure that means Amateurs cannot do it. If you have no weather radar, where you are, then 5.65-5.70 is the sweet spot.

And guess what:  5650 to 5925 is the ham band (part 97 operation allowed)

(Remember that 5760 is the weak signal calling frequency – stay away).


Proposal I mentioned:



“In this NPRM, we also seek comment on modifying Part 15 Subpart E of the
Commission’s rules governing the operation of U-NII devices to make available an additional 195
megahertz of spectrum in the 5.350 – 5.470 GHz (U-NII-2B) and 5.850 – 5.925 GHz (U-NII-4) bands.”


That would be nice.  Ubiquiti does not allow these frequencies at present (v.5.5.10)




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