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Sep 1, 2010, 9:47:36 PM9/1/10
to Community Fiber for Baltimore
Hi everyone,

I'm a MA student in the Science Writing program at JHU. I am really
interested in writing about the Internet and the future of fiber in
America, Internet policy, how It All works... sort of a conglomeration
of information about the Internet and it's current hot topics- and
locally that definitely means Bmore Fiber. I would love to incorporate
the story of Baltimore's bid as a frame and illustration, to put
everything into some, hopefully compelling, context.

I am starting from close to zero and am looking for help.

If you could speak to me about anything Internet related (bare basics-
what is it? how does it work? why is it important?), or about Internet
politics in Baltimore, I want to talk to you!

If you know experts on policy, people at the cutting edge, anyone
directly involved in Bmore Fiber, or if you are one of these people
yourself, I want to talk to you too!

If you have a great story from Baltimore or another city related to
broadband, please share it with me!

You will be properly quoted and attributed to. I may even buy you a

I appreciate your time and help in advance. Please email to contact


Patrick M. Roanhouse

Sep 1, 2010, 10:11:37 PM9/1/10
Hey Amy,

So Amy whats your knowledge on the history of the Internet already and level of understanding of the underlying technologies powering it? I would love to help you with some possible topics and stories about the evolution of the internet from the military research project, it's evolution to scientific research network, to the modern web and then also with the effect of the commercialization of it. Topics / Subjects you might want to look up also include "ARPANET", "TCP/IP", "Mosaic Web Browser", "Netscape Navigator", "carrier-neutral data centers and internet exchanges", "Peering", "Municipal Internet" , "Last Mile Service"

Top people you need to know for the development of the internet would include "Robert E. Kahn", "Vinton Cerf", "Paul Baran", "Leonard Kleinrock", "Larry Roberts", "Stephen Lukasik", "Tim Berners-Lee", "Marc Andreessen", "Eric Bina".

There are tons more of topics, subjects, & people you could go into on this but hope this puts you into the right direction.


Patrick M. Roanhouse | Cell: (410).929.2008 | Twitter: @Roanhouse | Blog: | LinkedIn:

Gary Davison

Sep 1, 2010, 10:21:59 PM9/1/10
IIRC, Amy, Patrick was the first one in town to spot the Google Fiber opportunity, and started the ball rolling.

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